Shorties 2018

Six short poems I have no plans for. Enjoy!

• torn   • dreamin' of u   • to get her

• signofthetimes   • god's nectar   •give me beauty.



Out of breath
In need of sedation

A soul in recluse
reaching inside for a helping hand

A second opinion
or a friendly voice at all

The moments that never come somehow shape who we become.


Enamored hearts
Make unarmored thoughts

I think of you
more than you do

My circadian rhythm
Trebles and hums

And our beds are twins
never full as suggested

At night’s dawn I pray
I’m the highlight of your day

–  Dreamin’ of u


To Get Her

Be Playful
   But not immature

Exude strength
   But don't overbear

Show interest
   Nothing shallow though

Bond for real
   Not for nuts

Practice faith
   And lose fiction

Don't say love
   And live otherwise

Shed the weapons. They no longer serve you.
   Be her protector.

Therein lies your purpose and your secure escape.

That's how you grow together.



Deep in me, a breath sprouts. A faint and steady something, too frail to stand alone.

This breath lives dormant, roots gripping my core, never wilting, firm until death. 

This breath swells of light in the name of salvation. A boundless beauty 

Another day ends

Another shot at love and yet another shortfall. 


God’s Nectar

Nights like this
I thank the Sky for my breaking spirit
Knowing one day the clouds will open
and the stars will call to me in triumph
God's nectar in hand
Reminding me that it was all a farce
Good for the greater
All in hopes of bounding a stronger spirit to sit nearest the Supreme
And indulge in the fruits of devotion and might

The Job goes on
no matter the circumstance.


give me beauty.

such thirst for sexy things clutters and empties a man like me.

presents of aesthetic triumphs and desire meet a whirling fervor

reaching further than eyes can see.

Marry me for the moment?

Tyree WorthyComment