My World (2015)

Make my world a fantasy, gimme what you got.

Show me if you love me, or if you love me not.

Save your words for later, for now, there is no need.

Your eyes and stuff say just enough for me to take the lead.

Come this way and show me how and why you love so much.

Give me presence, and your essence, vibrations and touch.

When you take this world of mine, I'll just take what's clever.

Yeah you know me well indeed. I’m down for whatever.


Make the love we hear about and let us live in bliss.

Show me that our love is love and let us reminisce.

Save your love for me alone, and I’ll do just the same.

Your lips and mine shall intertwine: the true thrill of this game.

Come here, my dear, your bucking heart I hear so clear and loud

Give us the power in this hour for passion unbowed.

And when you wake, make no mistake, I’ll be where love resides

Know me well, indeed you do, the passion your love guides.


Nothing will divide a bond like this so pure and true.

Not a thing will stop this soul of mine from loving you.

And when the trumpets of mortality call you or me

Know my world of love will speak an honest eulogy.

Tyree WorthyComment