Ms. Mocha

It’s exciting how your taste can last for hours.
How the ever-light summer sweat gifts your mocha frame a glisten.
Like icing on cake
the rush it brings me
when you bless my lips.

When I hold you close
And we sway hither and thither as one to the unsettled melody of sax & drum
We move unified under the midsummer moon,
spirits howling for one another
my palms melting into your curves,
dripping nothing but the rapture of you.

Lost in our connection
devoid of sense,
no sound but the ever-loving rhythms that molded us together
and the poetry that comes with falling in.

My favorite reality:
only breathing what Mocha has for me.

If heaven comes close to this,
may I be a servant as long as flesh comes in brown.

Love LACE #8