Dreams (original)

Original version from the first print of "25 Sense". The second edition includes a Reprised version.


When I see you, I get encased in dreams. Dreams of penetrating your very spirit. Dreams of seeing the blessings of life from your eye’s angle.

Dreams of how perfect it would be if our souls were ever to touch.

For that one moment I see myself reflecting off your lenses.
Your windows to the world remain clear despite the ever-flowing waves of radiance and avid emotion they carry.

I foresee a certain oneness
a unity between your visions and mine. I want to share with you
everything that lives in my heart.
I want to figure out every answer to your puzzled passion.
I want our spirits to intertwine until the end of heaven.

I want these dreams of living through you to come to life.
Your experiences would be my memories.
Your frown would be my despair.

Your heart would be my undying infatuation.
Your ideas would be at the tip of my tongue.

I’ve heard that most dreams do not come true
but the only dream I long for is you.