Blog: The pros & cons of (your favorite) drugs

Before I begin, let me offer this disclaimer:


Cool. Now that that’s out the way, let get to it. After attending a Liberal Arts College, my perspective of things developed and opened far beyond what I considered as a teenager. In that, I started to learn about different drugs and their effects: what to try, what to avoid like the plague, that kind of stuff.

Now, there’s a YouTube channel that illustrates the chemical and behavioral effects of drugs on your system. ASAP Science uses dry erase boards to explain everyday phenomena, such as intuition, personality traits, biology, and even meditation. They break down some complicated chemistry and effects and give us entertaining drawings that we can understand and relate to.

The drugs they’ve explained so far include MDMA, shrooms, marijuana, crack cocaine, and yes, even coffee and alcohol. As far as I can tell, they have been accurate in explaining behaviors and effects of what they have covered. For example, you feel more high when you drink alcohol, but THC could prevent you from vomiting and releasing toxins that are bad for your liver.

Here’s another good one: “Your Brain on Shrooms”

I’m not actively looking to try any other drugs, but I’m curious to see how they say other drugs effect us. I like their approach, and I trust their findings so far. I am curious to see what they introduce next. (Patiently waiting on their LSD installment because, science.)

Check out videos on these topics and more here.

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