Sonnet [from 25 Sense]

The full first section of 25 Sense is dedicated to different styles of poetry. "Sonnet" is the very first of those 25 pieces in my very first book. Cheers.

How sweet you are when I am on the brain.
How stellar I think you are everyday.
We love, we live, but never seem to gain
Unless it comes to when and how we lay.

We tend to reach for one another’s care
While by ourselves we grow recluse and cold.
We complement, though compliments are rare
And never do we let our hearts unfold.

Our heads don’t understand the growing strain.
The universe doth watch and let us be.
In time, these times will prove themselves a drain.
The day we find ourselves we set us free.

I say all this to make this one point clear:
I need to cross you out or keep you near.