Sweet Grace: Love Letter #1

My Dear Sweet Grace,

Mine Maiden Unfiltered and Unfair, I pray to see you one day soon. These little screens of divide do drain us of intimate moments and bolster such a power I haven’t the time nor prowess to hurdle.

Sweet Lady of Grace, My Doll Above All, I rot in this flesh awaiting your presence. I wither alone in hopes that you’ll one day lay your healing palms on my chest and refresh me like so many tomatoes and herbs grown by your careful hands. As a man of simple taste and burning desire, no earthly treasure or social medium can touch the corner of my heart in which you dwell.

My Lady, it is now that I proclaim the impending shift in paradigm. The clouds above shall open before me, and the winds shall call my name, and they will beckon I add my breath to it, and the earth shall crack beneath me, and the ground shall call my flesh to replenish the soil, and the waters will ripple and echo red in hopes of drowning me in another purpose. And I shall rise to my feet and poke my heart to the sky, my chin to the wind, my stance firm and unshaken. And I will proclaim that it is Love that reigns over me, not the age-old torments of secular nature. It is only true devotion and the God within Us that routes my body and soul to life’s destiny.

I pray, my love, you stand with me in this fight. I pray to the Most High that we march into this battle a single beating heart, a coupled spirit, a perfected divinity fighting an unloved land together before I perish under the guise of what is True and what is Love. Sweet Grace, you complete me. Let us not stand alone and wither or rot. Let us conquer these days as one.

Forever Yours…


Love  L A C E #5