If You Are Broken

If you are as broken as I know you are
Your comfort is earned when nearer, not far.
In these hard hands I’ve learned to make gems
Though I cannot fix you—nor can any hims.

The healing power you need is in you
Make cold days fire is all I can do.
Find comfort in us, find cozy in me
Use this, a firm pallet, to fashion freely.

Don’t worry your head about fool’s treasures
They’ve only find solace in unpleasant pleasures.
Your journey has virtue, when you are at best
no man can fathom nor woman contest.

Your breaks in layers and shaky forefront
Leaves all your true treasures unmarked in the hunt.
The primal beasts see what snack they can gain
Yet miss the whole point once those cravings sustain.

Your quick fixes prove to be quite the rave
But ashes within you shan’t live in a grave.
A dead facade and carcass exposed
Will not be your end, I boldly propose.

Now hear me clear, black diamond in skin
Your smoldering furnace still burns within.
No matter your outlook of me and my blunder
I know how to fix what I’ve put asunder.

Take those burnt ends of the truth in you
And tie them in love—healing will ensue.
Shed off the dead faces that call hunters hither
Let shine your truth and watch their eyes wither.

If you are as broken as it seems from here
Your comfort is earned through firmness, not fear.
Though these hard hands may not comfort well
I’m willing to help you repurpose your shell.

Take pride in your ashes, press them into stone
Find internal strength and show me you’ve grown.
I use my hard hands to try and caress
Apologies for my slowpoke-ish process.

I truly stand with you and hope that you’ll see
That calloused and cold is not the real me.
Though I cannot fix you, I’ll help you to see
How frigid, hard hands found purpose in me.

That pain I once caused can incite a fire
To rekindle the lost shine you desire.
Built stronger and bolder and more firm than prior
Live in your true skin, lay masks on the pyre.

For flesh and its pedestal don’t outlast a tock
When fear is submerged under key and lock.
Let me do my job, I’ll work ‘round the clock
And time will affirm you, solid as a rock.

Love LACE #7