Feels for the Living

Your sleeves are filled with hearts from the past
and since they're so pure, your feelings do last.
Stitched to the bone, engraved in your mind
the skulls of old lovers still linger behind.

I wish I had that, that undying drive
that method to keep a true loving alive
Despite the old days, your life is still young
let's not leave your passions stressed or unsung.

I'm happy to help you learn how to deal
In turn, could you teach me the right way to feel?

Your cup overrunneth with feels you don't need
like feels for old flames you don’t want to feed

Feels that once led faux men from the dark
and saved their lost souls from danger like an arc
With feels for your mother and father so true
Help me grow these feels with the mother in you

Those feels could help build up a man of great stature
The feels that could make happily ever after
You drain yourself weary from the feels you give
and never think to add life to how you live

I've lived quite enough, I'll truly admit
But feeling true feels, I've never seen it

I've laughed and smiled and jumped in joy
I've had the chances to build and destroy
I live, I breathe, I joke and jive
But life without feels is not living alive

I can show you ways to cheer and de-stress
And how to live well in this glorious mess
But all I do ask, there’s this one thing I need
I want to feel feelings and for once, be freed.

LOVE  L A C E #2