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The scope of Tyree C. Worthy’s work as a News Publisher

Communicator . Producer . Idea Factory



Tyree C. Worthy has been on the business side of news for about ten years. He started with selling quarter page ads for Loyola University New Orleans' Maroon newspaper in 2009, and now publishes three hyperlocal news websites in New Orleans. With a background in marketing, writing, and mass communication, Tyree knows how to maintain niche, independent media companies.

He began his career in 2009 with media sales for The Loyola Maroon, ranked one of the best college newspapers in the country. He connected with business owners and media buyers connect with the college audience in New Orleans. Tyree became Sales Manager in 2010, which meant hiring and training new salespeople and updating media offerings to stay competitive in the ever-changing news industry and the local economy. By his graduation in 2012, he had become the Maroon’s all-time top seller.

Since then, Tyree has been working with NOLA Messenger, a hyperlocal online newspaper. He assists with editing and minor reporting in addition to revenue production and management. In 2016, Tyree self-published his first collection of creative work, 25 Sense, and a second collection with a writer’s workshop, True & Living, in 2019.


  • Born in New Orleans, LA, raised in Memphis, TN

  • Graduated from Loyola University New Orleans, 2012 [Marketing & Mass Communication]

  • Over Marketing, Sales & Advertising at NOLA Messenger since 2012, News Publishing since 2016

  • Self-Published 25 Sense in 2016, Warm Vignettes and True & Living in 2019 [visit my book store]

  • Created social event planning group Atypical in 2016


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