Tyree the Publisher

The scope of Tyree C. Worthy’s work as a News Publisher

Communicator . Producer . Idea Factory


Tyree C. Worthy has been on the business side of news publishing for nearly ten years. He has gone from selling quarter page ads for Loyola University New Orleans' Maroon newspaper in 2009 to his current role: publishing three hyperlocal news websites in New Orleans full-time. With a background in Marketing, Writing, and Mass Comm, Worthy knows how to keep the ball rolling for niche, independent media outlets.

In working with a small staff since 2012 at NOLA Messenger, a hyperlocal online newspaper, I found myself editing stories and doing some minor reporting in addition to typical salesman responsibilities. On top of account management, I was finding stories to follow, publishing them, and posting them to our social media channels.

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In case you don't know me, I'm Tyree. I love connecting people & connecting with people. My specialties include marketing & event planning, advertising and PR, writing and editing. I like to bring ideas into fruition and build on both my strengths and weaknesses. When mind and action move as one, there is no limit—not even the sky.

For The Record:

New Orleans born, Memphis raised
Loyola University New Orleans c/o 2012
Marketing, Sales & Advertising at NOLA Messenger since June '12
Publisher of Gentilly Messenger since May '16
Self-Published 25 Sense June '16
Created Atypical Social Environment Curators July '16


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