In Vino Veritas

The liquor slips down the body
and our filters melt away one coat at a time.
With every swig
we shed some fear
a little unease
that awkward feeling of being too comfortable
around comfortless company.
Chilled drinks heat us at the hearth and let us know
how unlasting our skins are.

Facades start to fall as Crowns & Coke meet guts
Our pores dissolve and stomachs burst brown
Just one more drink.
Then, well, another, but a little more neat.
True muscle starts to show.
Courage is on his way
flexing unfiltered as if the world stopped
preferring the skin we’re in most days.
Tendons and ligaments sway
as freely as each blurred word so bravely slurred.

Now chiseled to the bone
our bodies are nothing and these spirits call captain.
The deepest of shells flake
from the tension of knife on warm butter
melting our facades to the marrow.
No more faces.
Only dense hearts and the guts they sway.
Only spirits and blood stay placed
reaching further than conscious thoughts could imagine.
Our favorite poison.
Cracking smiles and magnifying reality
since facades began.

Tyree Worthy