Warm Vignettes

A poetic tale of modern love and romance

Our Lives are Moments
in Orange & Blue

Tell Me Darling,
Which Hue are You?

Warm Vignettes
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A Vignette is a brief but powerful scene. A good Vignette leaves you wanting more.

moments of love + sense


Three years after my self-publishing debut (25 Sense), I want to release another collection of poetry, with a bit more of a purpose. The first book was a collection of my best creative pieces at 25 years of age. With this second book, Warm Vignettes, I tell a poetic narrative, with characters finding and maintaining new love in others and themselves.

Some believe only consistent writing make a true writer. As a lover of the craft and artistic expression across the board, I’d rather experience life and let the words come as they may. This collection is filled with poems from over the years. Some are true, vivid memories; some are fantasy, based solely on imagination. These poems are the choices that fit together to tell an honest narrative about love and loving in this day and age.

Early reviews say:

“Worthy has designed an experience which provides the audience with a story that mixes poetic abstraction with a straightforward story that allows the reader to compare to their own experiences of Love and Romance.”

“very well written and intimate”

“Amazing. I’m fuller now & nourished in an expected way.”

This book is available for preorder now and will be officially released in June 2019.


Artwork by Stefan Rene